Let’s begin this blog with inspiration. These are examples of creative, thoughtful designs that will likely be effective in multiplying sales. More importantly, they are super interesting.

(in no particular order)

10. Naoto Fukasawa: Fruit Boxes

These juiceboxes look, feel, and even smell like the fruit they are representing. Colorful and highly realistic, this example of packaging leaves us craving the product.

9. Weird Clothing: Meat Shorts

Branding the consumer as “a piece of meat,” these innovative shorts come in a realistic meat package. Not only is the product unique in itself, but the package stays consistent with the theme and will definitely capture the consumer’s interest.

8. Julien De Repentign: Milk Carton

Designed in the United Kingdom, this example represents the simplest form of packaging design, both in color and concept. The carton even holds exactly 2 liters of liquid!


7. Soon Mo Kang: T-Shirt Tea

Available in different colors for each brew, these tea bags are innovative in their design and functionality. The bags can easily be hung on the edge of a mug, and the play on words between “Tea” and “Tee” is extremely cute.

6. Pearlfisher: Candy Bags

Released only in the UK and Irish markets, this design is youthful and eye-catching. The consumer can visualize the product in their mouth, and it is obvious that children will be drawn to this product instantly because of its colors and playfulness.

5. Mother Eleganza: Salami CD

SHIDLAS’s album, named SALIAMI POSTMODERN, represents another example of a meaty advertisement.  Not only is this design eye-catching amongst its generic competitors, but it is also humorous once the consumer is able to make the connection between the name of the album and the design of the CD.

4. Dolop: Doorstopper

Designed and distributed in Australia, this unique take on a doorstopper is humorous, fashionable (it is available in four colors), and modern. Its packaging only accentuates the theme by helping the man to look strained.  There is no question that consumers will choose this design over its traditional (and boring) competition.

3. Stop n’ Grow: Shopping Bag

This bag makes its brand memorable. Period. It is comical, colorful, and innovative. The best part? Everyone that walks by this consumer on the street is exposed to the advertisement.




2. ChappsMalina: Travel Size Pills







Similar to the milk carton design, these packages use simplicity to their advantage. Each package uses color to promote variety, allows the consumer to easily  find which pill will help their symptoms, and uses a compact design. This design also possesses a clean and trustworthy tone.

1. Ogilvy Frankfurt: Wool



When shopping for household products, many products look nearly identical and the consumer will likely pick randomly. This design, however, will instantly stand out because it is extremely humorous and ironic. People will remember this product’s package and possibly even show it to their friends.

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