Because consumers are exposed to hundreds of advertisements each day, it is hard to name just one package that is memorable. In this article, I will list advertising, marketing, and design agencies that created the packages of products most consumers have seen at one point in their lives. These agencies are located around the globe, but each has an extremely impressive portfolio and has worked with well-known companies to help increase sales through packaging design.

Brand Engine

Located in California, Brand Engine helps brand companies and design effective packaging. The company was founded by Will Burke and, under his leadership, has received awards from Package Design Magazine and The Dieline. All types of brands across numerous industries have recruited Brand Engine’s help such as Williams-Sonoma, Clorox, and Motorola. Some of their work is pictured below.

Turner Duckworth

Best known for their success with the redesigned Coca Cola can, this company’s employees are the masterminds behind ubiquitous packages such as the Amazon shipping box and all of rock band Metallica’s merchandise. The company has two offices in San Fransisco and London and has received over 30 awards for their designs.


McLean Design

Although this California-based firm brands a variety of products, it is best known for the creation of the Monster Energy Drink can. In fact, the design was so successful in raising awareness of the beverage that McLean Design provides an in-depth case study of the design process on their website (shown at the bottom of this article). Ian McLean, owner and chief strategist, and his employees have worked with clients from Chevron to Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Some of their work is displayed below.


Flood Creative

Since 2002, Flood Creative has rebranded well-known companies such as Slimfast, Gilette, Fuze, Speedo, Oral-B, Suave, and Bath and Body Works. The New York based company has been recognized by The Dieline and other package design publications. To see their innovative website and view more of their work, you can visit the link at the bottom of this article.


The Thompson Design Group 

Another agency located in California, this company is best known for its food packaging designs. From Drumstick ice cream to Marie Callender’s frozen dinners, Pam to Hagen Daas, this design agency has designed dozens of packages for familiar brands. For more than 25 years, The Thompson Design Group has created brands, designed packages, and even named products.

Product Ventures

This small firm from Connecticut has created big names in the household product and food industries. This company goes above and beyond by conducting its own research studies and creating the functional aspects of each of its designs. The widely recognized Heinz ketchup bottle and Febreeze fabric freshener bottle were both conceived by Product Ventures, amongst many other brands. You can check out the rest of their impressive portfolio at the link given at the bottom of this article.


Unlike some of the previously mentioned agencies, Swerve is better known for its electronic product designs. In 2008, the agency won the Gold International Packaging Pentaward for their Windows Vista packaging design. Also, the famous bright orange Arm & Hammer box was created by their employees. This agency is also located in New York City.